Teaching Activities

Katarina Kaplarski, PhD, Multimedia Art - Associate Professor at Univerzitet Metropolitan Beograd
Internet is (rather) new medium and we are witnesses of it's development and growth. My basic assumption is that internet is not only virtual mimesis of existing media (so often referred as traditional media), real world data digitalization or data storage, but that internet enables new creativity concepts that destabilize traditional perception of the author, creativity, form and originality.

I come with both artistic and marketing background (I worked for 7 years as Interactive Art Director in McCann Erickson advertising agency), and I have been doing my MA and PhD thesis in relation to internet as creative medium.
I enjoy teaching to both graduate and post-graduate students. I created curricula for 6 courses that I taught on three various Faculty programs that are under Metropolitan University, Belgrade. I also consult PhD candidates on two courses - "Art and Technology" and "Contemporary Web Concepts".

I developed graduate curricula for the Faculty of Design such as “Fundamentals of Web design 1 and 2”, introductory classes, where I explained basic visual design principles, principles of interactive design, prototyping and web design heuristics. On the practical side, they learned basic Html5, Css3 and JavaScript coding and had discussion boards where they analyzed interesting web experiments. My idea was to teach them fundamentals of Html but also give them broader insight in creative potential of the internet media which they can explore in advanced level of education. In advanced classes of Faculty of Design I created curricula for “Design and Production of Web Applications” where students could implement their personal affiliations for animation, graphics, gaming or communication experiments, by learning about cross-platform (responsive) design, interactive infographics, data-visualization, mash-apps, social networks, HTML canvas, interactive video and mobile web.

For the Master program “New Media Design”, I have developed curricula for “Creativity on mobile platforms”, where students learn design principles for mobile devices and how they can use potential of specific mobile interface features (gestures, mobile sensors, geo-location, etc. ) in their concepts for native mobile applications and mobile web applications. From practical side they learned basic syntax of Java programming language and development process on Android platform within InteliJ IDEA framework. Basic mobile Processing tutorials were also presented to them.

On the Faculty of Information Technologies I teach Human-Computer Interaction. I developed this course based on IEEE Curricula Recommendation. This course covers key areas of interaction design between human activities and computer systems which support them with their intefaces, such as: user profiling – social, cognitive and cultural models, interaction design principles, user-centered design and testing, new interactive technologies, collaboration and communication – CMC, security issues, statistical methods, augmented and virtual reality.

I also teach "Digital Marketing" on Faculty of Management, where students learn about interactive technologies, communication strategies, new methods for user targeting , relationship marketing, loyalty programs, direct marketing, various forms of online advertising, online branding, seo & sem, integrated campaigns and web analytics.

Katarina Kaplarski - Associate Professor at Univerzitet Metropolitan Beograd